A New Earth: Exploration of a Unity-Based Paradigm



In the beginning, humans used their survival instincts to survive the harsh, unforgiving landscapes on Earth. Humans have now evolved to survive almost any animal threats, environmental catastrophe, and famines. But we have lost our way, and the only thing we know how to do well is dominate.

This intrinsic desire to survive as a species has brought us to a tipping point, on the verge of destroying the only home we have, Earth. Our culture promotes destructive behaviors to feed our short term gratifications, but to what end?

Earth’s natural life-support systems are in jeopardy from our way of life. 80% of the world’s forests are gone, 27% of our coral reefs are destroyed, every year we extract about 55 billion tons of fossil energy, minerals, metals and bio mass from the Earth. Nature is being destroyed at a rate tens to hundreds of times higher than the average over the past 10m years. Yet something in our collective psyche prevents us from addressing these alarming events.

Transformation on a global scale begins with the individual. To restore balance on Earth, our culture requires a new paradigm, a shift in spiritual perspective and how we relate to life around us.

Our Relationship to Nature

Nature is a pure expression of heart, it’s often referred to as Mother Earth for its life-giving, supportive energy. It is expressed as a frequency/color equivalent to anahata, our heart chakra. Notice how humans have isolated themselves from nature, so much so we have lost touch with who we are and our purpose on Earth. It is no coincidence we have lost our hearts as well.

This disconnect has led to us ravaging the planet with little consideration for other sentient beings, in fact we eat them, destroy their homes, strip them of their dignity and worth, and we call ourselves the superior species… collectively we have lost our true dharma, purpose in life, which is to steward Earth and all her children.

The Heart and Mind Connection

To aid Earth in her healing, we would do well to develop the heart aspect in ourselves. Energetically speaking, the function of the heart is to unify, and the function of the mind is to separate. Most of us have fallen deep into the aspect of the mind, the part of us that is trained to separate.

For example, the mind sees a tree, a lake, and the wind objectively as separate ideas/concepts, while the heart reads the energy from its environment, via the electromagnetic field, as a whole. The mind works with hard data (sensory stimuli) on a physical level, while the heart works with subtle energy (intuition) on a spiritual level.

Research from the Institute of HeartMath shows how the nervous system acts as an antenna, which is tuned to and responds to the magnetic fields produced by one’s own heart and the hearts of other individuals. Evidence now supports the perspective that a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system via the heart operates just below our conscious level of awareness.

When the mind is clear of thoughts and the heart is calm emotionally (emotions = energy in motion), it’s easier for the heart to process new energy from its environment and translate it to the mind as intuition. Intuition is not a glorified psychic ability, it is learning how to translate the intelligence coming from our heart to our conscious mind.

Unity and Quantum Entanglement

Carl Jung believed that synchronicity and aspects of relative theory/quantum mechanics worked in tandem. He was initially shocked by the idea that life was not a series of random events, but rather an expression of a deeper order. This deeper order led to the insights that a person was both embedded in an orderly framework and was the focus of that orderly framework; that the realization of this was more than just an intellectual exercise but also had elements of a spiritual awakening.

According to Jung, synchronicity shares similar characteristics of an “intervention of grace”. He also believed that in a person’s life, synchronicity served a role similar to that of dreams, with the purpose of shifting a person’s egocentric conscious thinking to greater wholeness.

Our energetic or “spiritual” heart works in tandem with the quantum field, it is an access point for our natural, inner technology. The heart’s electrical and magnetic fields regulate our body’s functions through the transmission of energy/info from the non-local quantum field.

Love, or the representation of integrative energy, is a force that our current instrumentation can not measure, but we know it exists. It is non-local, meaning it exists as info-energy that requires no travel time and therefore is capable of exerting its influence instantaneously across space and time.

Unity consciousness is a state of self-realization where the heart’s intelligence is accessed, and the observer has a deeper connection with self and how he/she relates to and influences life around it. In other words, a greater level of synchronicity is experienced through one’s “spiritual awakening.” Heart-based living is the rite of passage to operate on this level of consciousness.

Separation vs. Unity Based Paradigm

Our propensity to perceive life with a separation-based paradigm is reinforced by how we have structured our scientific, religious, educational, and political systems; in our pursuit to understand and organize the physical world, we put a strong emphasis on processes of the mind, reasoning and logic over intuition and wisdom. As a result, we have fragmented our consciousness and view the self as separate and disconnected from other life. Lack of self worth also reinforces the separation we see and feel.

The paradigm of separation can be remedied by developing the heart. For the unfortunate, or maybe fortunate few, they go through an initiation, a “dark night of the soul” experience that shatters this cultural conditioning. It is the death of ego, where one’s conceptual framework of life becomes meaningless and they fall into a deep state of depression. In this pivotal moment, one of two events can unfold. It can break open their heart and inspire a great transformation, or it can destroy them by going down the path of substance abuse or denial of pain.

If the former is chosen, this process allows a new worldview to develop and replaces the old, separation-based paradigm. A new, unity-based paradigm is formed, where the observer establishes a deeper connection with self and how he/she relates to and influences life around it. This transformation is often accompanied by increased intuitive abilities and more frequent synchronicities, naturally.

For those struggling in the latter stage, they may find solace in the use of this mantra; I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. By reciting these words, the ancient cultures believed it would clear the mind and the roots of illness.

Self-Realization via Ancient Narratives

The war between heart and mind is a personal journey, it is discussed at length in ancient texts, such as the scriptures in the Bhagavad Gita, and it is paramount to our human evolution. Those stuck in the mind complex will justify destruction of Earth and fall into desperation, those moving into the heart complex will have the resilience to build a new Earth and a new way of relating to life. The path to the heart is the path to what Gnostic Christianity refers to as Christ consciousness.

In orthodox Christianity, Christos (presence of light) is recognized as a quality exclusive to Yeshua, or Jesus. However, original Christianity was Gnostic, gnosis is a Greek word meaning “knowledge,” more specifically it means knowledge attained through direct spiritual or mystical experience. In Gnostic Christianity, Yeshua is akin to the image of our future, divine self. The belief in Christos is the belief of divine potential within.

In Hebrew, the name Yahweh, which appears throughout the Old Testament, means “That which was, is, and forever shall be.” It is a direct reference to All that is, Source, God, Universe, etc. Yeshua translates to “Yahweh delivers.” So in essence, Yeshua represents the conscious unification with Source; a state of christ consciousness. He came to help us realize our connection to Source, to bring awareness of unity, and that we are inseparable from Source.

Christ consciousness is a state of self-realization where the heart’s intelligence is accessed, and the observer has a deeper connection with self and how he/she relates to and influences life around it. It perfectly embodies the framework of a unity-based paradigm.

If one studies the gospels, they clearly do not tell the same story nor represent a static or fixed view of Yeshua or the Christos. Each gospel represents the knowledge and understanding of Christ in the experience of the person who wrote it. People may use the name Buddha or Krishna because it represents the same thing, light-bearer, the spirit of truth or knowledge. In this way, gnostic Christianity is similar to Eastern wisdom traditions which teach a path to enlightenment. The idea of salvation or enlightenment is a state of self-realization.

Unlocking our Human Potential

Consider for a moment the untapped potential within. The brain has an electrical field and a magnetic field but it is relatively weak compared to the heart. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. This field, measured in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG), can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Furthermore, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body, in all directions. It is highly attuned to our environment, yet in our culture we value feedback from the mind more than the heart.

Shifting from a separation-based paradigm to a unity-based paradigm is required to access more of our heart’s intelligence. Begin by opening a channel between the heart and mind. Create rituals, meditations, or prayers that help clear the mind and release emotions, or use already existing practices. The more you can include nature with this process, the better.

Fire has been known in ancient literature as the basis for creation, destruction, transformation, enlightenment… invoke the eternal fire within your heart. Let your heart’s intelligence speak to you, let it destroy your ego, let it transform yourself and others, let it create a new paradigm, and a new Earth. It is the key to understanding our greater connection to the Universe.

– Dan Iwanicki


Recommended Books

The Heart’s Code by Dr. Paul Pearsall, Ph.d
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
Science of the Heart: An Overview of Research Conducted by the HeartMath Institute (Free online ebook)

Recommended Research

Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention

Interesting study from the Institute of HeartMath. They found individuals with increased heart resonance are capable of unwinding DNA strands while individuals with chaotic heart patterns would tightly wind DNA strands. Positive emotions like gratitude, love, appreciation, expressed with a heart-focused intention, literally change our physiology and affect our ability to heal ourselves and others.

Nature Meditation

Sit by a tree or lake. Be open. Connect your breath with the wind in the trees, feel your heart beat, ground your energy body with the roots of surrounding plants and trees, the mycelium network. Let this energy flow through you, remain in this awareness of unity. Your heart will naturally expand and release whatever is not relevant to your growth.

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