A Harmonious Earth


Transformation on a global scale begins with the individual. This is a powerful mindset to have when taking on a challenge much bigger than yourself.

In the beginning, humans used their survival instincts to survive the harsh, unforgiving landscapes on Earth. Humans have now evolved to survive almost any animal threats, environmental catastrophe, and famines.

But we have lost our way, and the only thing we know how to do well is dominate. Without proper maintenance of the human form (proper nourishment, sleep and mindset), we risk having the darker side of our human nature take over.

This intrinsic desire to survive as a species has brought us to a tipping point, on the verge of destroying the only home we have, Earth. From a short term perspective, it also exasperates the cruel things we do to each other, socially, economically, spiritually… survival makes us blind to another’s suffering and we see only what we can gain from a situation when we are in a survival mindset.

Lack of self care/compassion leads to overindulgence, irrational thinking, and a lack of purpose. Our culture promotes these destructive behaviors to feed our short term gratifications. But to what end?

Fracking, nuclear waste, oil spills, and war are some of the byproducts that come from being in the survival mindset. To have a sense of purpose for example would help us be more conscientious and develop technologies that limit or even completely eliminate waste while keeping up with energy demands.

It’s in our best interest to follow a set of guidelines, a creed, to live in harmony with Earth. Strong, healthy, and empowered individuals are much more capable of stewarding our Earth, taking the necessary actions to heal our Earth, and setting new paradigms in place. We all have our part to play in the creation of a new and better home and it all starts on an individual level.

I am by no means perfect, but I made a creed for myself to live by, you are welcome to take whatever works for you.

“If I am ever anxious, I move my body, I avoid stimulants made by man.

If I am ever depressed, I look within, I meditate, I breathe deep.

If I am ever tired, I ground in nature, I let the sun guide me with sleep.

If I am ever lonely, I follow my passions and I share them with the world.

If I am ever lost, I look to my heart to guide me in my pursuits.

I am meant to live in harmony with Earth. I do so by taking these actions.”

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