Manage Anxiety like a Pro

Become friends with your fears and anxieties. They are there to let you know something within you is not in alignment. Like an off tune key on the piano that is struck during a performance, it creates disharmony, it lets you know something is not in alignment and requires a simple tuning. Same goes for limiting core beliefs. Fears and anxieties let you know that a core belief requires tuning so you may experience harmony within.


For example, say someone is anxious about financial security. They may have a limiting core belief that says they don’t deserve abundance, maybe they fear taking action toward abundance, or it may be a self worth issue which is pretty common in most limiting core beliefs. So this creates an energy blockage that manifests as anxiety and fear. It can either cripple them, or reveal to them what is out of alignment.

Becoming aware of a limiting core belief is 80% of the work. The other 20% is taking action. Once you are aware of what your fears and anxieties have been trying to make you aware of, it no longer has power over you. You will feel a sudden shift in your energy toward what you were once anxious about. You are now excited to move forward and overcome challenges you once feared. This is the power of self awareness and the harmony it can bring to the modern day man/woman.

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