Lucid Dreaming


I remember one lucid dream… I was running, picking up rocks and throwing them as I ran. I realized I was dreaming but at the same time I was amazed at how real it felt. I stopped and felt the ground, felt the texture of the rocks, I pinched myself, I knew I was dreaming but damn, if this dream was a consistent reality, I would have been convinced it was real.

It got me thinking, what if life itself is a dream, albeit a persistent one. In the grand scheme of things, a lifetime is a blink of an eye for a soul that is eternal, I don’t even know if that’s true because I have no recollection of life before this one. These are all just assumptions. We can question all we want about the trees, the dirt, the animals, but we won’t realize we’re in a forest until we step out of the forest.

Honestly I’m not interested in figuring out if my life is an illusion or not, the experience of it is real. I recognize the people I interact with reflect the divinity I find in myself but they are also their own distinct energy and consciousness.


If life is an illusion then it’s a beautifully crafted one that brings immense satisfaction to my soul, for being able to see creation work in its mysterious ways rather than have something manifest instantaneously like in my lucid dreams, and for communicating and co-creating with unique, fascinating individuals that bring more lucidity to my waking life and add to the collective wisdom of my soul.

I’m reminded now of another dream where I became lucid. I was being chased by monsters and I was terrified. Driven to the darkest depths of my fear, I had nowhere else to go but within, that’s when the self-awareness came; where I realized I was dreaming and it became lucid.


So I started walking toward the monsters and now they were afraid. I had stopped giving in to the illusion that these monsters had more power than me because I realized I was dreaming; I gotta say this was a thrill and I woke up feeling incredibly inspired by this transformation.

When I become lucid in my dreams, all my fears and doubts become illusory because in this state of mind I realize they stem from a level of consciousness that perceives life as separate from the self. When I am lucid I realize I am the reality I previously thought I existed in.

In a similar way in waking life, we may encounter challenges that really push us to the limit, so much so that we surrender to the self for inspiration. As a result we grow in self-awareness and become more empowered as individuals, more aware of how interconnected and supported we are by the universe.

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