Living Simply

The greatest power requires the lightest touch… painters honed in their craft can paint a few lines and it can become a source of great inspiration. A product can be so simple and efficient in its use it becomes profitable and in demand. Simple ideas are often the most brilliant. When we lighten the load in how we think, feel, eat, breathe, etc. we open ourselves to more possibilities, new ideas and ways of being.

When we keep things simple, we excel in any challenge or goal we choose to pursue.

There’s a saying I like and it goes something like “If you want enlightenment, lighten up.” It’s why when we focus on the breath or a mantra during meditation it can be so beneficial, it helps keep the mind in a primal, simple state; it brings the mind closer to the source of all thoughts and ideas.

I gain insight and inspiration usually after meditation or a long walk in the park. Even when I jog on the trails, my body is so focused on getting enough oxygen in that breathing is the only thing I think about, that’s when new ideas start flooding in, whether it’s an idea for business or a new way to approach a creative project, my mind is suddenly clear when I’m jogging then BAM a new idea hits.

I’m sharing what works for me, I’m drawn to practices like meditation, yoga, and eating mostly raw foods because it lightens my load and makes my life more simple. Whatever keeps our life simple go and do that, maybe it’s keeping a small wardrobe, keeping a clean room or tidying up the desktop on your computer, the more we minimize the faster the workflow.

The most powerful adjustment we can make however is not externally but internally, I know I say this a lot but learn to surrender, let go. In this state of being, when we’ve got nothing left to lose, suddenly everything becomes available to us

I see in so many movies where the reluctant hero needs to let go of his/her old identity to conquer the darkness, whether it’s reflected internally through his/her fears and doubts or externally as an antagonist, sometimes a combination of both. Usually if it’s a good movie, the hero will find a way to transcend the darkness through letting go of what no longer serves them. Joseph Campbell goes into more detail about this in a cycle he calls the “hero’s journey.”

Not to get too off topic, the idea is when we practice the idea of simplicity in our lifestyle it seeps into other areas in our life. Our thinking becomes more refined and effective, our body more nimble, our core beliefs become lighter and easier to change, which is especially useful when trying to change a negative habit or pattern. And like the reluctant hero commonly portrayed in movies, we can learn to transcend our own darkness by learning to make our lives more simple.


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