The Science of Synchronicity

I found a study from 1995 by a French researcher, Rene Peoc’h, I think he was on to something and I wanted to expand on it on my blog. Although originally the study was done to observe “psychokinetic action,” (aka telekinesis, lol) I believe the results were a misunderstanding of what was actually going on, thus it gained no traction in the scientific community despite it being an incredible phenomenon.

The study physically shows how biological life can alter outer material circumstances through intention alone, as if sending a signal out to the universe and in response, the universe intelligently organizes events to support the growth and evolution of that life form that sets the intention. How many times were you in need and you find circumstances working to your benefit with little to no effort, simply having an intention made everything line up!

Sure the concept sounds hard to believe but here is a working model that shows exactly how synchronicity works, something that can be tested over and over again and bring statistically significant results. Before I get into synchronicity though, I want to provide a brief description of the study.

The Study

French researcher Rene Peoc’h did experiments involving young chicks bonding to a robot instead of their mother to see if they are capable of demonstrating psychokinetic action (telekenisis).

Details of his study can be found in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, published in 1995:

The results showed in the 80 groups of 15 chicks, the robot equipped with a random number generator to determine the degree of rotation, spent an impressive 71% of the time in the vicinity of the chicks. In retrospect, the robot followed random trajectories when the chicks were taken out of the experiment AND when the chicks were not imprinted on the robot. Take a look at this chart below.


Why It Works

To make the chicks think the robot was their mother, Peoc’h exposed them to it immediately after they hatched. They then wanted to follow it around, but Peoc’h stopped them from doing so by putting them in a cage. From the cage, the chicks could see the robot but they could not move toward it. Instead, they made the robot move toward them (Figure 16.1).

Their desire to be near the robot somehow influenced the random-number generator so the robot stayed close to the cage. Chicks that were not imprinted on the robot had no such effect on its movement. They didn’t know how to change the computer chip, but through their powerful intention they were able to influence the machinery inside it.

From a quantum physics standpoint, the chicks created a “resonance field” for lack of a better term, (a term coined by Russian scientists) that imprinted itself into non-local quantum fluctuations with specific instructions. The universe then intelligently modified how the chip in the random-number generator was working, creating a cause and effect relationship between the desire of the chicks and the chip itself!

How It Works

[I’ve taken a physics class at a university but I am by no means an expert on the subject. We went over physics concepts that covered quantum physics, superstring theory, unified field theory, but these theories are still up to debate by the scientific community. Still I found these theories to be a good framework to understand the concepts I discuss here.]

Think of quantum fluctuations as an underlying field of unmanifest possibilities. “Non local” because at the quantum level, there is no space or time so anything that affects this field, the resonance field that I mentioned earlier for example, will impact how these quantum fluctuations will cascade out into the physical world. It’s similar to the “butterfly effect” but in this case a biological life form’s intention will influence outer circumstances through the subtle influence of non-local quantum fluctuations.


Quantum fluctuations expressed in a space-time vacuum.


Quantum fluctuations (space-time chart.)

Or think about it this way, when a life form sets an intention, it activates a vibration that interacts with a deeper order in the universe, the quantum field or unified field, and from that place the vibration, if consistent from the life form, intensifies the quantum fluctuations (field of possibilities) and manifests as synchronicity, or “coincidences” that help or aid the life form.

Consciousness can interact with the unified field by setting powerful intentions, this is why rituals can be so effective (new moon/full moon rituals for example), they help ground the intention and help to draw in powerful support from the universe for whatever the intention may be. Though I have found it is far more effective when the intention is aligned with our heart and soul’s purpose rather than an intention that is service to self.

Using Lucid Dreams to Understand Synchronicity

Analyzing and remembering my dreams, most of them lucid, have helped me better understand how synchronicity works and my relationship to the greater whole. A quote from my post on lucid dreaming:

When I become lucid in my dreams, all my fears and doubts become illusory because in this state of mind I realize they stem from a level of consciousness that perceives life as separate from the self. When I am lucid I realize I am the reality I previously thought I existed in.

In a similar way in waking life, we may encounter challenges that really push us to the limit, so much so that we surrender to the self for inspiration. As a result we grow in self-awareness and become more empowered as individuals, more aware of how interconnected and supported we are by the universe.

Based on the results of the study and my own experiences, I would say the universe is intelligent by design, a theory not so far off according to Carl Jung.

Is Synchronicity A Way For An Intelligent Universe To Express Itself?

HiddenUniverse_070113-617x416Peoc’h’s study presents a strong case for the existence of a living, intelligent universe. It also brings more credence to the idea of synchronicity, a term coined by Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung.

In short, synchronicity is a coincidence of events that seem related, but are not obviously caused one by the other. These events are usually dismissed by critics as apophenia, the apparent detection of a pattern or meaning, in what seems like random or meaningless data. However it has been asserted that Jung’s analytical psychological theory of synchronicity is equal to intellectual intuition. We can see now from Peoc’h’s study the far-reaching implications of intent on a quantum level and how life events may not be so random after all.

Jung believed that synchronicity and aspects of relative theory/quantum mechanics worked in tandem. He was initially shocked by the idea that life was not a series of random events, but rather an expression of a deeper order. This deeper order led to the insights that a person was both embedded in an orderly framework and was the focus of that orderly framework; that the realization of this was more than just an intellectual exercise but also had elements of a spiritual awakening.

According to Jung, synchronicity shares similar characteristics of an “intervention of grace”. He also believed that in a person’s life, synchronicity served a role similar to that of dreams, with the purpose of shifting a person’s egocentric conscious thinking to greater wholeness.

Final Thoughts

It was interesting to observe how the chicks in Peoc’h’s experiment could influence material matter by having a strong desire to be with their “mother.” The study shows how biological life can alter the pattern and structure of material reality at its most fundamental level, and how we may already be influencing the reality around us through the synchronicities we create.

It seems as though life is guided by unseen forces, and if we study the rhythm in which synchronicities unfold, we’ll come to understand the universe works in ways the human mind can’t conceive of. In my personal experience, letting synchronicities into my life isn’t about chasing after something or expecting a result by following a certain path, it’s about fully letting go and experiencing the present. It’s mind blowing to think we already have all the answers, everything we need right here, right now, and it’s only a matter of tapping into that potential through the experience of synchronicity.

I believe the more intention we put on following our purpose, our soul’s calling, the more we can see this pattern unfold in our lives. To do so would mean to unlock more of our human potential; to more fully experience the grace and beauty of a living, intelligent universe.

5 responses to “The Science of Synchronicity

  1. Is it possible to build or buy such a robot?
    Is there free downloadable software for real random generators (com-port / RS232 interface)?

  2. Nice post, Dan.

    I found your blog while searching for the study by Rene Peoc’h which I think helps inform the discussion on artificial intelligence, extended intelligence, augmented cognition, and their relationship to consciousness.

    Then we start dealing with rabbits and the holes they burrow in as well as chicks and the robots they attract.


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