You Know What’s Beautiful…

Within the deep and sometimes mysterious confines of self exists an intangible yet powerful, all-pervading force. A force so intrinsic to our true nature yet often lost and protected by the hardened, concrete barriers of our pain. It can make us smile, it can give us hope and perseverance, it can change the world in an instant. It’s a resource that can never be exhausted and no one can receive enough of. It can break down any barrier of communication and allow us to see there is not much difference between you and I, or any sentient being. We are all capable of love, to give and receive of it. How beautiful it is to receive love but even more so when we have braved the deepest parts of ourselves to become capable of sharing it.

One response to “You Know What’s Beautiful…

  1. Dan, You write with great clarity, beauty, and insight. It’s always a pleasure to read your prose.

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