Using Dream Analysis for Personal Growth

Dream pictureI’ve been getting into lucid dreaming the past few weeks and every morning I would take time to remember my dreams and the symbols/expressions associated with it. I find it strange I only remember the dream when I make a conscious intention to do so, and while not all of my dreams are lucid, they are getting more vivid the more I make an effort to remember and make use of its symbols.

The other night I had a nightmare that had such an impact, I didn’t need to go through the process of “downloading” any messages or symbols from the dream; I immediately remembered the whole thing. I woke up in a state of fear that was so intense I felt physically paralyzed. Slowly I started moving my hands and legs to assure myself it was only a dream. I am inspired to share because I believe it carried a good message.

I was with a group of about 5 or 6 people on an island helping them with a project that involved looking for a person, I don’t remember the reason. I went alone to investigate a large, white, 3-story house that was sitting on a hilltop and had a yellow mustang parked in front of it. (When interpreting dreams, it’s good to remember details as it may offer insights about the specific symbols that represent the dreamer’s unconscious thoughts.) I’m calling out for this person but no one seems to answer. I enter the basement and see a shadow under a door but I chose not to disturb it. I sent love toward the being behind the door and decided the best action to take was to let it come out when or if it was ready.

I continued searching the house, climbing to the mid section of the house and felt a very strong urgency to leave the house. I followed my intuition and as I was unlocking the door and stepping outside, I received a flash of images. It showed me there were two people inside the house, both serial killers and I could hear their thoughts, really disturbing ones. For some reason in their thoughts I heard the name “Lee” and their plans to kill him, it felt as though I was this character “Lee” but I’m not sure, dreams can be strange sometimes. It was revealed to me that had I opened the earlier mentioned door, I would have been killed. The sudden barrage of information and the realization of what just happened was enough to shock me awake from the dream.

Looking at this dream from a symbolic point of view, I escaped the house alive which means I passed the “test” and got an instant review of the overall picture of what happened. The overall message I received was even if I traveled to the depths of hell, darkness could not touch me as long as my heart was full and I took actions based on the integrity of my heart. This dream taught me that every action we take, no matter how small, if it is out of integrity with our heart, we invite darkness into our being. And the more doors we open to invite darkness into our being, the closer we come to death; similar to how it was expressed in my dream, only more extreme.

This message came to me at a time when I was making a conscious effort to examine the integrity of all my actions. I am refining not only what I choose to eat, but also what I choose to watch through my eyes and listen through my ears. For every action I take and every item I consume through my senses, I ask, “Will it help shape me to become a more integrated version of myself?”

Anyway it’s interesting to see how connected our dreams are to our intentions in daily waking life. They can be used as an opportunity to examine the integrity of our character, to gauge where we are at spiritually, mentally, emotionally… and to help us overcome obstacles that would have been difficult to overcome otherwise.

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