Finding your Purpose

Following your purpose in life… your creativity starts to act more like a channel to the divine, no longer bound to the limited perception of the ego but a full expression of your inner, boundless being.

Life is too short to give up on your dreams in order to keep “paying the bills.” Let go of everything holding you back and move fearlessly into the unknown, that is where you will find more of your true self and purpose.

Having said that I still don’t know what my purpose is but I’m okay with it. Every now and then I get moments where I’m totally in the zone, like when I’m working on a film, or researching nutrition, or when I’m writing this right now, it’s all part of my life’s purpose. The important thing is to keep following your intuition and learn how to let go. Stay humble, breathe, surrender… because in a state of surrender you are vulnerable and when you’re vulnerable you start to see more of who you are.

The more you see in yourself (both darkness and light), the more you see in others and it just snowballs from there until you only see love. It’s when you learn how to surrender you get to see and experience deeper and deeper levels of love for yourself and others. And to experience love is part of everyone’s purpose.

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