Cosmic Rays Responsible for Evolution of DNA?

What do DNA and consciousness have in common? More importantly what causes them to evolve and do cosmic or gamma rays play a role in their evolution?

It’s something that’s been on my mind for over a year now. I’m currently in a physics class learning about electromagnetism and how photons interact with elementary particles. So I’m going to play around with a few ideas I’ve come across in physics and introduce what I’ve researched on my own.

The primary function of DNA lies not in protein synthesis, which was widely believed for the past century, but in electromagnetic energy reception and transmission, according to 3 Nobel laureates…

When a photon interacts with matter, it interacts via the electromagnetic force, so we can assume gamma ray photons emitted from the sun will have some effect on our DNA since DNA is receptive to electromagnetism. The Sun produces gamma rays by cyclotron-type mechanisms during solar flares. And according to Nasa, the Solar Flare Frequency Count from 1965-2012 has been steadily increasing. (Click here to see chart.)

In the early 20th century, Tchijevsky, a Russian scientist discovered a precise relationship between solar activity and civil unrest. Well right now, we’re at the peak of an 11 year solar cycle and we are experiencing increasing civil unrest throughout the world, as evidenced by Edward Snowden’s leaks, the backlash toward GMO crops, Occupy Wallstreet protests, and much more. Click here for details of his study.


Sun_activity-1.img_assist_custom-600x405I also learned in quantum field theory that a stream of photons can carry information about the source’s material. What if increased solar activity causes photons emitted from the sun to carry information of a greater order/coherency and when they interact with our DNA via electromagnetism, develop a greater coherency in our physiology, thus expand our ability to perceive beyond the current paradigms? This would explain the periodic civil unrest in the study above. I know this sounds crazy, but it will make more sense as we look at other clues, if anything it’s only a temporary hypothesis used to understand what we are observing.

Hold on to your hats because this is about to sound even crazier, I like to stay open-minded about these things… according to Bashar (an E.T. consciousness channeled through Darryl Anka) there are parts of our DNA that are functioning as “energy states” and these parts (what we consider junk DNA) act as conduits to higher energy states. While they never appear physically, it is something we can tap into and are highly active despite our lack of awareness to them. Click here to see video.

39dd5f9dfb6229bd50850c4b6aad3e2cIf my hypothesis holds true, these energy states would explain the mechanism by which our DNA interacts with photons. It would suggest the “junk” part of our DNA is interacting with higher energy states in photons emitted from our sun.

What does this mean for us? More and more through cosmic anomalies we are experiencing an evolution of consciousness. As a collective we are moving toward a greater realization of our human potential and in the process, we are throwing away systems that no longer serve the greater whole.

DNA Interaction with Biophotons in Food

Let’s consider what we just learned about “junk DNA” and apply it to how we receive energy from food. Is it the only way we can receive energy?

Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch in 1923 revealed he had discovered living materials emit photons within the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. In the 1970s, German scientist Fritz-Albert Popp concluded that DNA is a major source of these weak emissions, cooked_rawcabbage_kirlianwhich he called biophotons, found in wild plants foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Is it possible the DNA excreted in saliva (in enzymes) converts biophotons from organic living foods into energy for the body to use? DNA’s so called “junk DNA” could actually be functioning on an ethereal level and is a transformer of sorts, a means by which the body converts biophotons into energy it can use to sustain itself.

Something interesting to note is that biophotons are greatly reduced in cooked food. Click here for effects of cooking your food.


Ram Bahadur Bamjan (“Buddha Boy”) meditating for 3 years without food or water.

Knowing this we can explain how some yogis are able live without food or water for years. As they increase their physiology’s coherence via meditation, their increasingly coherent DNA structure allows them to bypass the extraction of biophotons from food and get it directly from photons in the immediate environment.

Discovery channel made a documentary about Ram Bahadur Bamjan (“Buddha Boy”) who has been meditating for 3 years without food or water, and it could help explain how “coherent” DNA can affect our physiology. Click here for documentary.

The more we dive into the nature of consciousness, the less objectivity we can use which makes it more difficult to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. If anything I wanted to play around with some ideas and that prompted some interesting questions about our human potential. Needless to say I see the development of our consciousness playing a major role in unlocking more of our human potential.

One response to “Cosmic Rays Responsible for Evolution of DNA?

  1. This is quite an interesting article and it is literature that is written is well crafted. The best notion of this properly writen article is that its based on Truth. Highly fascinating inquiry of Humans being able to absorb and utilize energy on the right frequency for food. After all , this Universe is a vast Energy System. We are an Energy form, an inherent part this Energy system. So, It makes sense to absorb radiation as energy, various reptillians do this. With humans, our DNA is being manipulated, altered, reprogrammed, compromised, by the tools and instruments of technolohy humans use. These humans are too brainwashed, distracted and deceived to realize the primitive technology they use everyday is weaponized, thus being used against them. Chromosonal manipulation and damage can result from exposure to microwave radiation. As you may already know, the biggest culprits are SmartMeters, Cell phones, wifi , and various types of directed energy weapons and electromagnetic pulse weapons. The DNA is basically like an Electromagnetic Radio Transmitter. When the exposure of Electromagnetism occurs, based off the type of radiation and its frequency is what effects the physical constituents of matter that make you. DNA is the software program you experiebce reality with, your exposure to radiation changes, you change.

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