Dreams and Consciousness

tfghHad some great insights today from my meditation, figured I’d share cause it’s so exciting to me!

Let’s consider the phenomenon we experience in our dreams; in dreams we experience a lack of comprehension or awareness of a reality outside of the dream (hmm sound familiar?) In most of our dreams, we perceive we have no control and are subject to the circumstances of the dream. Lucid dreaming however means we are aware it is a dream; it is the realization that you are the reality you previously thought you existed in. We are then able to influence the dream in whatever way we desire because we realize we are the creator of the dream.

So here’s the big question. When we pass away do we expand our consciousness to an even greater reality as if waking up from a dream? What if we could reach a level of self-awareness equivalent to that of lucid dreaming during this life? Wouldn’t it be more fun to live our life knowing we have the power to shape the circumstances in our life?

Dreams provide us with a template which we can use to understand the self-interacting dynamics of our own consciousness and self-awareness. For example, we can use our experience of lucid dreaming as a framework to build upon our self-awareness in waking life. It gives us a clearer understanding of how consciousness works and what it feels like to progress from a normal state of consciousness to an expanded state of consciousness. In this way dreams hold a key to our evolution of consciousness.

What does this mean for us? All fear and doubts would become illusory in an expanded state of consciousness because they stem from a level of consciousness that perceives life as separate from the self. An expanded state of consciousness would perceive unity in all things and see all objects in terms of the self. In other words, an expanded state of consciousness would realize the same level of self-awareness one would experience in lucid dreaming, which is the realization that you are the reality you previously thought you existed in.

I remember one dream where I was being chased by monsters and I was terrified. Driven to the darkest depths of my fear, I had nowhere else to go but within, that’s when the self-awareness came; where I realized I was dreaming and it became lucid. So I started walking toward the monsters and now they were afraid. I had stopped giving in to the illusion these monsters had more power than me because I realized I was the one creating the dream; I gotta say this was a thrill and I woke up feeling incredibly inspired by this transformation.

In a similar way in waking life, we may encounter challenges that really push us to the limit, so much so that we surrender to the self for inspiration. As a result we grow in self-awareness and become more empowered as individuals.

What I am suggesting is by getting in touch with our dreams we have an opportunity to realize our full potential as human beings or at least be guided in the right direction.

One response to “Dreams and Consciousness

  1. Your brain becomes vulnerable when you sleep, as your body regenerates and heals, so your brain is volatile, changing its brainwave frequencies. As the frequencies change so can the landscapes or environments in your dreams. Now heres my question? Are dreams simply subconscious processes that you are viewing via occipital lobe. Or are dreams providing access to a gateway to other plains of realities or dimensions.

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