Remembering Hawaii

memoryI opened one of my books and found a flower I saved from Hawaii. The random page I saved it in had an interesting title, “The Smell of Home.” This brought back many memories…

I remembered the courage it took to drop everything and go. I only had enough money for the plane ticket, but I felt called to go even if it meant selling all my belongings. I managed to save just enough for the plane ticket, but I realized it required trust on my part that I will somehow make it with little to no money at all.

My solo trips around the Big Island were interesting because I had to find a way of doing things without money. Luckily the island provided me with food, water, shelter, and a means to travel as I went off and explored. I experienced crazy synchronicity like finding a survival knife next to a coconut tree when I was dehydrated and miles away from any drinking water. A stranger actually bought me food when they saw my card being rejected, everyone felt like family and most were very in touch with their heart space.

The island was abundant with fruits too, so I became somewhat of a fruitarian on my travels. I immersed myself in nature, swam with wild dolphins, opened my heart, met amazing people with great tools and techniques to share. I rediscovered my love for music, my love for learning. I felt like I was finally growing into my true self.

I had a mutual exchange with the land as well; I was helping to restore the land damaged by the sugar cane industry and taro plantations. I volunteered at a native forestry center, planting literally thousands of trees and in exchange, the land healed me. I have never been so humbled to walk on the land I helped heal, to have a relationship with something bigger than myself was to discover even deeper portions of my soul and what it means to be living here on earth.

Through so many positive synchronicities during my stay I learned there is a pattern in the universe, it’s like a dynamic structure that’s so fluid you don’t even know it’s there. It’s that feeling you get when you know without a doubt you’re living your highest purpose. People, places, and things start arranging themselves to serve your highest purpose, because it’s who you are. We are, truly, divine beings and when we step into that knowing, life unfolds in a beautiful way.

And so the flower is a symbol for me in a way. It represents the blossoming of my true self. I agree when they say home is where the heart is, my heart will always find solace in Hawaii.

Below is a video from my travels.

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