Sunscreen Use Healthy?

sunA quick look into the concequences of sunscreen use. This is a combination of notes I took from The Longevity Now Conference from 2013 and recommendations from other alternative health books .

The Longevity Now Conference offers the latest cutting-edge health information to longevity enthusiasts and practitioners from around the globe. Held once a year at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove, CA, this event presents the most cutting-edge ideas, tools, and technologies within the fields of longevity, health, and wellness.

Quick notes taken from the video on the consequences of using sunscreen:

  • Increases estrogenic activity
  • Chemicals stored in fat tissue
  • Generates free radicals (oxy benzene, main active ingredient in sunscreens, is a powerful free radical generator when exposed to sun rays.)
  • Increases cellular damage
  • Indirect dna damage (see below*)
  • 2007 study at U of C concluded significant correlation between sunscreen use and skin cancer.
  • No evidence sunscreen prevents melanoma
  • Blocks production of vitamin D
  • Carcinogenic ingredients
  • Toxins inhibit skins respiration cycle
  • Disables skin’s warning system

Indirect DNA Damage:

Sunscreens prevents melanin from working. Melanin helps the dna transform photons into harmless heat, .01 percent of which causes sunburn. Sunscreen prevents melatonin from doing its job and causes damage to dna indirectly through cell mutation (which causes skin cancer.) Sunburns are easier for our dna to process than dealing with the cell damage of being in the sun with sunscreens.


Coconut oil is good to use on the skin before or after sunning (This stops the skin from drying out and provides some protection.) Eating foods high in antioxidants also protect white blood cells from oxidation and help repair sun damage. Free antioxidant electrons are available to us whenever we touch the earth barefoot, and these electrons naturally help shield us from excessive solar oxidation. Wearing shoes or sandals with a rubber sole will prevent this natural flow of free electrons from the ground and into your body, so it’s recommended, wherever it’s safe, to go barefoot when out in the sun.

I’ve personally tried these recommendations and can vouch for how effective they are. Going out onto the beach with friends who chose to wear sunscreen, I ended up getting a nice tan with no sunburns while my friends got sunburn even with the sunscreen. I drank green smoothies really high in anti-oxidants before I went out, stayed grounded as much as I could, and when my skin got red I saw that as I sign to get under some shade, and when it was no longer red I went back into the sun. The coconut oil definitely helps to prevent skin from drying out too.

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