Managing Core Beliefs

A guide on how to identify and transform limiting core beliefs

Have you ever felt stuck, lost in a sea of emotions, or in a downward spiral where the goals and dreams you aspire to achieve are far out of reach?


With no map, compass, or sail to guide the journey, one could drift aimlessly for years amidst a vast sea of emotions, hoping one day to find inner peace in what seems like one storm after another.

On that beautiful day you do find your inner peace, one might ask why they have spent so many years struggling with their emotions. Are years of meditation necessary to achieve a state of being free from suffering? Are there tools we can use in today’s modern world; something to align ourselves with true north and be more swiftly guided to our destination?

To live a more integrated lifestyle means letting go of that which no longer serves us so we may become more whole within ourselves and how we interact with the world.

Imagine being able to find inner peace with any situation even in the midst of complete turmoil. To be established in our core, natural self can help steer us through any challenge. If this is our goal, we should first examine the blueprints to building that perfect foundation; our core beliefs.

The Message

We have about 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts each day. Out of those thousands of thoughts, consider how many of them are negative and how many of them are positive. If most are negative, more than likely we are in touch with core beliefs not in alignment with our natural self.

Ultimately the goal is to change a core belief to one that generates a positive and uplifting experience in any situation. This enables us to tackle challenges in a creative way, rather than submitting to them with a sense of hopelessness.

Is changing a core belief mood-making? By changing a core belief, we are taking care of the root of the problem. Positive thinking may temporarily mask the problem on a surface level which can leave unresolved emotions. What we want to do is pull the weed out from its root so it does not grow back. Then replace it with a fruit tree so we can enjoy the fruits from our experience. (sorry, I couldn’t resist the puns.)

And don’t worry about having to figure out how to change a core belief for every time you feel it needs changing. Just by identifying your beliefs you transform your emotions and behavior without a lot of work, it becomes automatic.

My Experience

Getting in touch with my core beliefs has had a powerful effect on my life. It enabled me to transform what I thought about myself and enhanced my ability to express more of my creative potential in film and other endeavors.

For example, the challenges I would have normally seen as road blocks (not having enough resources) have turned into opportunities (getting even more skilled in my craft), all through a simple shift in perspective. All it takes is dismantling the fear embedded in our core beliefs that hinder creative solutions to life’s challenges.

One day as I was giving a presentation in class, I realized nervousness and excitement are the same energy. When we run this energy through a negative belief, we get nervous. When we run this energy through a positive belief, we get excitement. That’s why when I get nervous, I see it as a blessing! It allows me to get in touch with core beliefs that are out of alignment with my natural self. Since then I made it a goal to rearrange my core beliefs so that I experience excitement in everything I do.

I noticed I’ve been picking up on this subconsciously already. Whenever I get into a situation where I get nervous, I think to myself, what would I have to believe is true in order to be feeling this way. I then change my perspective so that I get excited about what it is I’m doing whether it’s a public performance or doing something out of my comfort zone.

Ask Yourself

“What would I have to believe is true in order to be feeling this way about this thing?”

This is the one question I ask myself anytime I feel nervous, unworthy, angry, sad, etc. to reveal a core belief I may not be aware of. Changing the belief isn’t the difficult part, it’s becoming aware of it that may take some time. And as soon as we become aware of a limiting core belief, it will immediately appear illogical and we won’t find a need to believe it anymore.

Lift the Curtain

Just like in the “Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy and her friends discover the man behind the curtain, all the smoke and mirrors suddenly don’t seem so scary anymore, and they realize the big scary face on the projection screen they thought was real was an illusion. Same with fears and doubts, all it takes is an awareness of what’s causing it to unveil a limiting core belief.

Try not to let judgement get in the way of letting go of a limiting core belief. Even IT serves a purpose, use it as a stepping stone on your life path. Allowing all choices and beliefs to be equal allows you to more easily choose your preference.

Self Reflection

If you ever find yourself in emotional turmoil, always go back to your core beliefs. A powerful tool for me to identify core beliefs is writing in a journal. I ask myself “What would I have to believe is true in order to be feeling this way about this thing?” At times I would feel stuck and unable to figure out why I was feeling a certain way, and then the big “Ah hah” moments came as I wrote casually in my journal.

It also helps to sit still in meditation. If you imagine the mind as a pond, it’s hard to see the bottom of the pond when the water is moving. But when the water is still, you can see everything; all the fish, the vegetation. Same with a still mind, it will allow you to see more clearly into the depths of your own conscious and subconscious mind.

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