Use of Feathers By Native Americans

[Excerpt from Alex Collier’s, “Defending Sacred Ground”]

I wanted to share something with you. I am very fascinated with Native Americans, and I love to collect feathers when I find them on my journeys and vision quests. I was given this information on March 19, 1994, and it’s primarily about the Native Americans and the original intent behind them wearing the feather:


“In the ancient way, native red American races understood the nature of the birds. Birds are very sensitive to magnetic fields and microwave energy. They will migrate along the earth energy grids and their wings, which are made up primarily of feathers, were to be watched, as they were very sensitive. To watch and follow the birds is to know which way the earth’s magnetic flows are moving. The native American races would also camp off (apart from) these magnetic flows because the radiation would become harmful in time. The feathers are very sensitive to energy fields, magnetic fields, and are in fact a (type of) antenna. The feather would attract telepathic communication with all the tribe. As the chief would think or quietly discuss plans, the rest of the tribe would in the ancient days receive the message, with few or no words.”

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